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The Reivyn's Nest


About Us


So...You think you want to open the Pandora's Box of who Reivyn is and What she does....Well , If your sure!

What I do

I guess you could say I am a Jackie of all Trades! It would be ALOT easier if I just told you what I DON'T do! Heh!
 First off, I Own a Small Hair Salon of 10 years here in the Strange but Wonderful Bay Area , Kalifornia
(Yes , My Friends a K....It's NOT a Typo...It's a Fav Movie reference!) And believe it or not I do it all there~Hair, Nails ,Make-Up ,Waxing , Airbrushed Tattoos , Mendhi
( For those of you who don't know from Mendhi~Henna Tattoos)
And in my Spare (Ha!) Time , I Haunt Local Thrift Stores ~Flea Markets~Estate Sales for Groovy Stuff that I can Paint!I have been told that I have a Good Eye for Things, and I guess I do...alot of Stuff I paint is a Sows Ear when I start and I turn it into a Silk Purse
(We Witches are good like that you know!)
I Either Hand Paint my Designs or I Airbrush them on. I want everyone to know that the Process I use for the Airbrush is not by any means as simple as slapping on a stencil.Every Airbrushed Flame Job I do is Taped, then I draw on the Design, then it is Hand Cut, then Sprayed.Painstaking but well worth it! Sometimes I consider trying to use Reusable Stencils, But then I slap myself around a bit ( ala Fight Club..heh) and I stay with the way I do it now.After all the reason I started doing the Customizing thang to Begin with was to have Stuff that I couldn't Find anywhere else.
(So let's keep it that way!)
I also make Hand Beaded Jewelry ,that will appear Mysteriously here on the Site one Dark Night! I do Toe/Finger Rings, Bracelets , Anklets , and Necklaces 
(I have even been known to make WILD Beaded Finger Armour Rings!)
 Aaaand I make Detachable Hair Wraps. They are very Kewl! Being a Beautician I started doing them before they became popular. and I noticed right off the Bat that they broke off the hair after awhile, or when the Client got tired of it it had to be cut out ( Bad Bad Bad!) So I came up with a New Plan ( Imagine That!) I made Detachable Snap-In Hair Combs with Screw together Joiners. The Hair Wraps are made of  Floss & Beads, Or all Beads. You Buy a Clip and what ever Wraps tickle your Fancy, twist em together and snap em in ,and Off you go! No damage to your Hair & You can Change them to Suit your Mood/Outfit , Also If your Boss is a SQUARE you can take them off when you go to work!
I also work with Clay, I make my own Beads , Skulls and Figures
(They too will be making an Appearance here!) I Make Custom Fit Vampire Fangs~Claws and Talons
(Which  have thier own  page!As they are so Popular!) 
I am a Vamp at Heart!
I also hand make Window Decals!I have been known to make beaded Prayer Feathers. Lets See..What else...We can also Add Web Designer,Graphic Artist, Interior Decorator,Doll Customizer
(Check out my Tank Girl Doll on this Page Gawd I Love Tank Girl!!) , Wood Burning ,and I am Learning how to Sew! I hope that gives you an Idea of the Possibilities (which are endless) This Site will change all the time, new and different stuff will come and go as the Artistic Winds carry me, And I share them with you all!


Who I am

OMGoth! Don't give a Leo a Place to Talk about themselves..Heh!
Actually I am rather Modest ( believe it or not!) Up until a few months ago I didn't think of Myself as an Artist!I'm just me, and I just do what I enjoy!And I guess I am Lucky because People seem to like it too!
Let's see where did it all start..When I was very young I think it was pretty clear that I was going to be an Odd Duckie! I got my first pair of Glasses at 4, and Much to my Dads Delight and Dismay, My First choice were these Pearl Baby Blue Cat's Eyes Encrusted with Rhinestones!He was like...Uh..No! So I perused the store and settled for a Pair of Opera Glasses..Heh!(You know the kind on a STICK!)Needless to say Dad.. (Gotta Love him!) chose my first pair FOR me! HeH! My Nona worked at the Phone Co,and had all of Girlfreinds there donate their old Hats, Jewelry , Stoles, & Clothes and Gave me this HUGH dress up Trunk! I was in HEAVEN!I Discovered Thrift Stores not long after that. I was instantly Drawn to anything Sparklie,Shiney,or Dramatic! I had a Vast collection of Rhinestones and Gold Lame by the Time I entered Kindergarden!Hehehee!
My Dad was an Artist (Also Mutli Faceted) and we took off to Europe for awhile and just Cruised around.My Da got to meet Dahli over there, and we lived at a Castle for awhile!My Da had his Studio in the lower part of the castle, So every night before bed I would RUN past the DUNGEON (I Shyt you not!) to say Good Night to him!I figure that where I got an Appreciation for all the Art & Culture.(Not to mention the whole Goth thing!)We came back to the Good old UsofA and moved to Berzerkley.2 Blocks off the World famous Telegraph Ave.Oh the Sites I'd See! So I got a taste for the Strange & Unusual! Hippies & Punkers EVERYWHERE!Gawd it was Great!
Fast forward to my Teen Years...We moved to a White Bread and Mao Type Suburbia...Blech...And well, I kindof stuck out like a sore thumb! And played it up to the Hilt! I was the First Punker in the Area! What fun, I Simply Adore Shock Value!Beauty School at 16..and the rest is HERSTORY!
I have gone through many fazes: Punker~Goth~MetalHed~HairBear~RockaBilly Chickie~New Waver~Tank Girl Faze~and the Scariest had to be my Barbie Faze(Thank Gawd it didn't last long!)And I guess now I am an Eclectic Collaborarion of them all!
I am well known over the last 20 odd years for changing my Hair Color as often as my...Well, you get the Idea!You name it I have had it! From Purple Mohawk to Sutble Hi-Lights....I am the Queen of Color!(We Carry the Fudge Wild Colors on the Site, Check em out!)
I have 3 cats and 2 dogs
(That surprisingly live in relative Peace!)
I am a Practicing Ecletic Pagan
(You will soon see Pagan Items here too!)
Well, I think you now have a good idea of where all my Creativity comes from,and are probably going to Run SCREAMING from this site Never to return! (Heh!)
Well, I hope not, and I hope ya all come back now,ya hear!



My Custom Tank Girl Doll!





Don't Even Ask..She is not for Sale!


Fave Raves

Tank Girl~HairSpray~Rock'n'Roll High School~Suburbia(the OLD one w/ Flea)~~Breakfast at Tiffany's~Bell Book & Candle~Beetlejuice~Nightmare Before Christmas~Edward Scissorhands~Barbarella~Benny & Joon~The Rocky Horror Picture Show~Breaking Glass~Kalifornia~Natural Born Killers~Willie Wonka~The Point~and any of The Dr.Phibes,Escape from New York,Evil Dead,Hellraiser,and Chucky Flicks!
And any good old B-Horror Flick!
Oingo Biongo~The Ramones~Social Distortion~DRI~Adam Ant~Sisters of Mercy~Souixsie~Nina Hagan~Joan Jett~(Old) Suicidal Tendencies~Bigod20~Bahuas~ABBA(Yes ABBA)~MeatLoaf~and Waaaaay more!
(Live for the Music!Viva La Rock!)
My Da~My Hubby~ Derek & Donovan (My Step-Monsters)~Einstein~Audry Hepburn~Toyah Willcox~Steve Buchimi (Spelling?)~Joey Ramone(Sob!)~Courtney Love~Divine~Tim Burton~Charles Addams~Tank Girl~Adam Ant~and too many more too list!
I collect Scarey Figurines,Fairies,Cauldrons,Little Boxes(which I allways loose stuff in I have soo many!)Books,Purses,Clothes,Leather Jackets,Black Cats & Tank Girl Stuff,Jewelry,Skulls,Flames,Bats,Books,Candles,Cammo Stuff,
Basically anything Strange & Unusual!

Reivyn's Nest Designs*Bay Area*CA*USA*94578


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