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Myst : The Official Strategy Guide
 Welcome to the MYSTeriuos island! Are you feeling a bit MYSTified? Does everything seem all MYSTy now? Are you thinking you might have MYST something? Well, you come to the right place for help.The Ultimate,authoritative source of answers and information about Myst Island and the Ages of Myst.Inside you find~ A complete,fictionalized walkthrough of the game~ Detailed examinations of the puzzles and the reasoning behind them~Screen images of the most important locations~Overhead views od Myst Island and the Ages~"Quick and Dirty" solutions for players in a hurry + special bonuses
~Early sketches and concept materials used to create the Myst enviroment~Special renderings of objects from the world of Myst~


Infernal Players Guide : In Nomine
Steve Jackson Games
The Bad Guys, Lock up your children and your souls! The Infernal Hordes are here,razor-edged and ready to rampage.This Contains everything you ever wanted to know about demons-their history,laws,the Bands they belong to and the Princes they serve...even the paths that can lead them to redmption.In addition to expand demon descriptions, it provides mixed-campaign concepts,rules for playing Renegades on the run from Heaven and Hell,the grim realities of life and the grimer facts of demonic reproduction.Companion to the In Nomine role playing game.And chock full of GREAT graphics!


Saga Frontier Official Strategy Guide
Over 500 Full-Color Maps!
223 Pages.
I loved this Game!




In Nomine~The Marches~Revelations 2
Steve Jackson Games
To Sleep Perchance to Dream... Just be careful what kind of dream you have!The marches is a vast dreamscape,ruled and fought over by Blandine and Beleth.Every mortal soul visits the <arches every night in slumber,and the dreams they weave are the battleground upon which these former lovers send their forces to do battle.....
It gives players and game Masters alike an in-depth look at the relm of dreams,myths,and monsters.Is also portrays four Superiors in more detail:The Archangels Blandine and Gabrial, the Demon Prince Belial and the Demon Princess Beleth. In additiotn, it introduces 2 new Chiors, rules for the mortal Socerers who attempt to master the supernatural,and"Blood and Circuses,"a complete adventure setting!
And Killer graphics!


In Nomine~Angelic Players Guide
Steve Jackson Games
Evil beware! The heavenly Host is here,terrifying and Beautiful, and ready to play.
It contains everything you ever wanted to now about angels~their History,their laws,the Choirs they belong to and the Superiors they serve...even the dark paths that lead them to a Fall from Grace.In addition to expanded angel  descriptions,it provides the players with four new campaign concepts and several ways to run them.Also included are special rules for playing Outcasts and relievers,and a chapter on angelic reproduction.And Great Graphics throughout!