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Dementia 13
Francis Ford Coppola's First Film!1963.
Combine greed with an ax murderer
and you get a first rate macarbe thriller.
The location is a lonely castle in Ireland.
A fortune is the goal as a greedy wife tries to
keep  the news of her husbands death a secret
 until his crazy mother dies and he can inherit.
An ax murderer attacks themembers of this noble
family creating a grisly horror!


Highway 61
Pokey Jones is a naive,small town barber with big-city dreams going nowhere fast.But things change the morning he goes to feed his dog and finds a frozen human body in a old bathtub.Jackie Bangs,a screwbal "fugitive from a heavy-metal road crew",falsely identifies the body as her brother and begs Pokey to drive her and the coffin to New Orleans for a proper burial.She's got a plan that Pokey doesn't know about,and He's in Way over his head.This is the story of how Pokey,Jackie,and one lucky stiff take off for the ride of their lives.Highway 61 is the backdrop for this rollicking rock'n'road movie.Setting out to discover America,Pokey and Jackie find an assortment of bizarros including a psychotic stage dad, chicken hunting rock'n'rollers,and a bingo-playing maniac who may or may not be the devil.With runaway excitement,laughs,wild twists and turns and a soundtrack that will set yourears spinning,one trip you can't afford to miss!


An all-star cast shines in this hysterical comedy
where tention is the prime mixer,served with a splash of laughs and a twist of mayhem!Diane & Travis throw great parties.This year they are throwing 3: A birthday bash for Felix; A Halloween masquerade; Ans a New Year's Celebration.Whether it's the faulty pyrotechnics of a "recovering" magician...Travis' struggle to turn Diane's kitchen into a micro-brewery...the imagined death of Philip's Ethiopian son...Fletcher's attempt at seduction..something is always out of place and someone is definately going to get hurt!
(Justine Bateman,Peter Bogdanovich,Rae Dawn Chong
,Chris Eigeman,Annabella Sciorra, Ally Sheedy, Eric Stoltz)






The New Barbarians
 2019 AD With the world destroyed by a nuclear holocaust,the barren plains are now ruled by a gang of bloodthirsty scavengers called " The Templers" who believe that living is a crime punishable by death.Riding their modified hotrods and choppers, The Templers seek out the sole surviving humans-andslaughter them with out mercy.It's like shooting fish in a barrel...until they run into two very bad dudes named Scorpion and Nadir.Nadir's Black, Scorpion's White,and together they make "Mad Max" look like a schoolboy as they wage full-on war with the Templers.Banding together with a group of outcasts,Scorpion and nadir decide to wipe out the Templers once and for all-before the Templers can wipe out mankind itself!


Galaxy Quest
 For Four years,the courageous crew of the NSEA Protector-set off on a thrilling and often dangerous missions in space...and then their series was canceled!Now, Twenty Years later,aliens under attack have mistaken the Galaxy Quest televisions transmissions for "Historical Documents"and beamed up the crew of has-been actors to save the universe.With no script,no director,and no clue,the actors must turn in the performance of their lives in this hilariuos adventure.
(New Never Viewed)


Ed is just a Regular Guy who feels he
has nothing to lose by agreeing to
 be the star of a New Reality-Based TV show.
Almost overnight,the program becomes
 a hit,and suddenly this goofy but engaging
video clerk is a national celebrity!
Everythings FAB..Until Ed falls head over
 heels for his brothers Girlfriend.


Forrest Gump
"Life is like a box of chocolates...You never know what you're gonna get."
Through three turbulent decades, Forrest rides a tide of
events that whisk him from physical disability to football
stardom,from Vietnam hero to shrimp tycoon,from White
 House honors to the arms of his true love.Forrest is the
 embodiment of an era,an innocent at large in an
America that is losing its innocence.His heart knows what
 his limited IQ cannot.His moral compass never wavers.
His triumphs become an inspiration to us all. It's the story of a Lifetime.