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ThE ReiVyn'S NeSt v2.0


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In this Creepy Dark Nook of The Reivyn's Nest you will find all the info you need to get your own Set of Custom made Vampire Fangs~ Talons & Claws!
 We hope you enjoy this Service as Much as We do!
After all ..isn't that just what the world needs....More Undead Bloodsuckers!
Come be Initiated into the Fold!
Do you really want to live forever..........

Fang Info

1~ You need to have your Dentist take a Plaster Mold of your Mouth ,  Upper and Lower (This is essential in getting a good fit!)
2~Contact Us~ Via Email ~ Get our Shipping Address , We will consult with you as to what Style, Length , Color , and Additions you want.
3~Ship them to Us with your Payment.
4~ Wait Eagerly (Checking your Mail Box Nightly) Until............
2-3 weeks later they arrive! (Less as long as we are not Swamped!)
5~ Put on your Best Goth get up~(or my Fav Dress REALLY normal..that really gets em..They don't expect it then!) and Go out into the Night and SCARE the Bejeebazzz outta The Muggles! HeH!
6~ Contact us and let us know how THRILLED you are with your new Canines!






Talon~Claw Info

1~ Contact Us ~Via Email ~ Give us your Shipping Address...We send you out a Claw Kit (Which consists of several sized Base Nails with Varying degrees of Curve & Instruction Sheet )
2~ You follow the Instruction sheet and choose which sizes for which Fingers..
If the Tips don't fit well on your fingers,You will need to file them at the Cuticle area so they fit over your nail bed well.( If you have 2 left hands you can go to your local Nail Shop and they can do it for you!)
3~ Once you are happy with the fit, Send them Back to Us..(with your payment)and We will finish them off with whatever Color Scheme you pick as With the Fangs.
4~Same waiting period for the Claws as for the Fangs.You should get them back to you in about a week.
5~ Use Double backed adhesive
(Like the Kind for the Lee Press-on Nails)
Stick em on and off you go....Lurking into the Night!


Available Colors ( For Fangs~Talons~Claws):
White  Green  Blue  Yellow Purple  Orange Pink  Red  Glow in the Dark  or in any combination therof...Also all the same colors available in Glitter (w/ Glitter we can also do Gold and Silver!)
Also I can inset The Fangs with Images...I can Either  Put them into the Fangs with  the same material they are made from..Or I can take a Small Picture and inset it under with some Clear Product! (Think Decopauge) And the color Combinations are ENDLESS! Depending on how creative you want to be with them.and you can combine solids withthe Glitter for a More Opaque Fang. Think of some of the Possiblities....Blood Built right in at the Tips-
A Rose-A Star-A Heart....Let your imagination run WILD!
Also I can inset them with small Rhinestones in any color you want...Just one or a Whole Fang Worth!
(Pictures wil be Coming soon to Give a better idea!)
Don't Dream it it!

These are Mine...
More PICS Soon

This Set went to a Grrl Friend


RND~Custom Orders

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