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Locally, I have been Known to Break Out My Air-Brush ...
 Mix Up Some Henna...and Paint up some People!
Up Until Recently I Offered these Service through My Hair Salon
But now I am on a New Path.
But Temp-Tooz is Not Gone
Feel Free to Contact me for:
 Special Events~Festivals~Club Dates
If Time Allows I would Love to!
I also make my Own Hand Cut Stencils... So if there are Other Body Painting Artists Out there who Need Stencils...(Soon there will be a Gallery of Available Designs off this Page)Again Feel free to Contact me.
The Air-Brushed Temporary Tattoos Last from 3-7 Days.
Black & Colored.They are done in Water Proof Non-Toxic Paints.These are also Fantastic for Specialty Make-Ups...(Look for More on that on Our Services Main Page)
Basic Care for your Air-Brushed Temp-Too:
Do not use Oils or Lotions on the Temp-tooed Area.Pat Dry after Bathing...Dust with Talc several Times a day to Help it last Longer.
May Be Easily removed with Mineral Oil.
Henna Temp-Tooz
I hand blend my Mendhi Paste from Quality Fresh Ingredients found Locally.
It takes 24 Hours to make a Batch.So Keep that in mind.
Mendhi~(or Henna) is an Ancient Tradition
Mostly Used for Wedding Preperations.
It has Gained Popularity in recent Years,Mostly because it LASTS.
If  you Tend to your Fresh Henna Tattoo you will recieve a Long Lasting Bit of Art.Henna Temp-Tooz will last anywhere from 2-4 Weeks.It depends alot on where they are placed.
When the Henna is Fresh it is Important to Daub
the Henna with a Lemon/Sugar Mix
(Which I Always bring with me to Shows..)
Each Temp-Tooee Gets a Little Care Baggie to go with their
New Henna Design...Care is Important to it's Life
Keep the Design Moist (Not Dripping) for basically
As long as you can stand it...The longer it stays on..
The Darker the Design & The Longer it Lasts!
Then you flake off the Henna..
and over the next few Days the Design will Darken.
(In the Future there will be More Pages with info on Henna & Supplies!)
One thing I think so many People enjoy about Temp-Tooz..
Is they have the Look with out the Pain..and Permanence.
I Myself AM a Collector of Skin Art...
And I think it is a Great Thing!
A) People who normally would NEVER are!
B)It gives People an Opportunity to "Try" it on first...
I have many Freinds in the Tattoo Industry...And you would NOT
Believe how many referals they get from me!
Also Look for New Pages Coming Soon with Tattoo Info!

RND~Custom Orders

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