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A  LiL Pictorial Biography...A Bit O Fun!
PICS will be Added as Kool ones are found!


An Early Paint Project
(The Paper Job Da Did to make
sure that I Hit the Mark ..Kills me!)
A Born Painter!


Street in Medinacelli, Spain
Where we Lived..Amazing
to Wander through!Some of the
Alleyways would get sooo Skinny
You couldn't get through!At 5 it
was like the Whole Town was a
Killer Maze!


Ok..I was Strange and Unusual then too!
This was one of my Bestest Buds..I made her
Close her eyes and I painted them with Eyeballs
With Cat's Eye Pupils..Not a Great PIC of this
But it was Eerie!


Ok..Strange Outsider Art Furniture?
A Punk Friends Foam Mattress that
Back in the Day we Used to Draw on.
Strange Punks!


Hard Core Tank Grrl Phase
Right before The Gang Headed
Out for Lollapolooza!
NIN..Was Soooo RAD!
You shoulda seen my backpack..
I had a HUGE baguette stickin out the top..


        Full Shot of my Tribute to the Goddess of the Sea!
She had a Seashell Necklace, a Seaweed Headband
and Mother of Pearl pupils!



A Tribute to Lula the Hula Girl on the Dash of my 1982 Jeep Wagoneer
My Tank Girl Mobile!I will probably end up with a Full Size Jeep Page tucked in the Nest Somewhere...
Woody..The Woodrovian....
She Shake,Rattles & Rolls Just like her!
On all those Long meandering Trips I Drag Poor Thor on..
Maybe as Time Alows..(Ha).. I will Journal some of our Trips for you!
They are Pretty Phunni..and we find some great places!Thinks to see in Kali (For the Alternitaive Tourist!)
Oh..Nooo.. Another Idea..How does one clone oneself?


Castle Ruins in Spain...
You Wanna Talk Gothic!


LiL Reivyn Standing in Front of Ruins
In Her Plaid Jumper...See even Fashion
forward then!A LiL Punk..Before Punk!
The Ruins were soo kewl to explore!
Part of where the Goth in me is from!


I was always doing weird Crap like this..
Painting my Face ..
Destined to be Different!


My Halloween Party I Threw in a Warehouse
That I lived in.I think I threw the Party just for
a Great Reason to Be Sally the Rag Doll!
And my Bud~Anti M as the Cowardly Lion!


My Bud Anti~Candace
At my Hair Salon on Halloween
(I Did her Make-up for her Malificent Costume!)
We Looove Halloween! It's like It's Samhain around
The Nest EveryDay!


This was a HUGE Mermaid sand Sculpture
I whipped out on a Whim on a Beach on Maui
People were Trippin!She was something close
to 8 feet long!


Reivyn at a Local Pub..My own Guess
Drinking a Pint of Guiness! Beer is only
good if you can chew it!Do I look
Psycho or what? Would You Buy a Pair
of Shoes or a Bag from this Person.
You can see I love my own wares! I have a
Huge armful of my Beaded Bracelets on!And
I have the Huge Celtic Knotwork Temptoo on
My Neck!(To Match The Huge Tat on the back O me Head! People were Trip-
In off of me with a Big huge Tattooed Choker on!

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