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Here are the Professional Haircare Lines We Currently Have Pages up for...We also Carry: Rusk , ArTex , Amplify , Sebastian , ACrew,
Di:Fi, and Many More. Look for new pages coming soon!
Click on one of the Links Below,For Products you go!

Just to Let you all Know... We have had a Problem with the CheckOut for this Area.We Ship Proirity Mail with USPS. They have just changed their Rates.So To Figure out the shipping fees..We need your Address Before we can calculate shipping.(As they have completely Changed the Fees...Now if it is over 1 lb it goes by "zones") We apologise for any inconveince this may cause..But we want to be Fair with our shipping Fees,We believe that you should only Pay the "Actual Shipping Costs"..If you would prefer...You may email us directly with your order and cut this out of the Confusion, and we can send you a Invoice for the Total amount through Paypal. we hope to have a Solution for this problem soon.
Thanks for your Patience!
p.s. If there are any Mad Scientists out there with a Machine that will Just Beam People Thier Products ( Ala Star Trek) we would be Greatly Interested!( Ok...I Can Dream Can't I?)



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