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Welcome....And Merry Met!
     Expect to find all sorts of Unique Items for your Altars here...
Candles~Insence~Burners~Wands~Containers~Herbs~Prayer Feathers~Cauldrons (If My Family can Pry them Out of my hands!)
And Much, Much More!
    We are Also Toying with making some Portable Altars..
So keep  a look out for this page to Grow constantly, Just like the Changing Phases of Luna.We Welcome any Thoughts~Wishes~Sugestions....
Blessed be!

Blessed Be
Reivyn~Mistress of The Nest

Ring the

the Book


Porcelain Floral Crystal Ball Stand
This is Such a Great One!The Leaves are done in an Open Work Pattern.You can put a Tea Light Under The Ball for a Stunning Effect!The Open Work allows air to get into the Candle.Great for Scrying!Green leaves with Floral Buds.Funny, But it seems like alot of Ostara Related Items are coming my way lately!Measures 4 Inches at the tallest Point x 3 1/4 Across the Base.(Crystal Ball In Pic not Included...That one is Mine off My Altar) Very Fae!


Fertility Offering Bowl
This is a Great Polished Aluminum Bowl. It looks like Lettuce leaves with 5 Little Rabbits inside.(Symbolic of fertility & With 5 Rabbits also the 5 elements)This bowl would be great on an Ostara Altar or anytime for Fertility.
Measures 8 Inches Across.Water,Flowers,Fruit would go perfectly!


Rabbit Altar Vessel 
This would make a lovely addition to any Altar
Could be used for Salt~Water~Votive Candle
Or take the Glass Vase Out and it would be a
Great Crystal Ball ~Cauldron Holder! it has 3
Lovely Rabbits at the Feet,Symbolic of Fertility
And Spring! Made of Brass.Measures 3 In Tall


Wooden Tri-Fold Altar Base
This is a Nicely Carved Wooden
Altar Base.It folds in 3. Pretty Compact
All it needs is a Top.You could use a Slice of Log
A Piece of Slate...All kinds of Things!


Tiny Aromatherapy Clay Jug
I don't know what scent is in it,
But it is Heavenly.Measures 2
1/2 In Tall.




Mini Brass Pitcher
This would be Great on an Altar as a Water Vessel!
Measures 2 1/2 Inches Tall.Solid Brass.


Altar Offering Bowl~Autumn
Beautifully Painted Bowl.Perfect for Harvest Altars.The Rich Autumn Colors are Simply Perfect!I like the Design, it has a Small Base , so it stands off the surface.Gold/Rust/Green Tones. Measures 5 Inches Across x 2 1/4 Tall.



Sheer Purple Ethnic Altar Cloth~Scarf
Simply Stunning! Royal Purple Sheer Fabric with tiny Mirrors surrounded by Gold Embroidery with Faux Pearls!gold & Orange Trim at Hem, and on one side it had Yellow & Green  Decorations.With the Purple & Gold Theme to it...It Represents the 7th Chakra Nicely!(Chakra Page Coming soon!)
Measures 65 Inches Long x 35 1/2 Wide.Very Nice Altar Piece!



Ok... I shouldn't even have put in these Pics...As soon as Thor saw them up here...He said ...Your going to sell those!(Mock Horror!) Ok..So  I have a weakness for Cauldrons and Bells.. I Do plan to put up a Picture of my Growing Cauldron collection soon.Also look for information pages coming soon.....


The Candle


Place a Penny in the Slot
Close your Eyes
& Wish Alot
Your Prince Charming
you'll receive,
if in your heart
You believe!


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