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Here are some examples of Altars That I have Created Now & Again in Our Home.I am always Changing My Altars...I will Post Pictures,
Some of them are Quite Beautiful.Mind you.. These are not My Working Altars....More Symbolic, Than Ritual.For Ritual I Use Pieces from These..Usually Outdoors.Blessed Be!


A Few of my Favorite Cauldrons, My Rune Pouch That I Hand Beaded.
(Pentacle on the Front with Symbols for the 5 Elements,
The back says in Runic Script "If it Harms None Do What Thou Will.)
My Leather Chaos Symbol Bracer, A Prayer Feather One of My Bestest Buds Karin Made for Me,and Other Misc items.


I Love all Things Oriental,There is Such Style and Beauty in their Designs. Their Ghost Stories and Myths and Legends are Epic!This is My Altar for
The Cherry Blossom Festival.
(Did I mention anywhere else in The Nest That I collect Kimonos and Oriental Nic-Nacs?)


This One I Did after The Ren Faire...To Keep the Spirit of the Faire Alive a Bit Longer.The Shoes that are hanging from the Wall are ones that I got in Spain as a Child.The actual Name of the Shoe iludes me now..They are Spanish Shepard Shoes.They were custom made..Verry Cool!
(This One Used to Scare the Be-Jeebez Outta Thor in the Middle of the Night!)



I Feel That I need to make a small Commentary here...I wish to make certain things clear ,so as not to be Misunderstood in this "Age of Enlightenment & Pollitically Correctness" I am Eclectic in My Spiritual Beliefs...This Means that I have Studied Many Many Faiths and have Drawn from them all to Create a System which Fit what I believe  to a T.I do not expect it to Suit Others..I think Spirtuality is and Should be as Individual as Our Fingerprints.I think soo many People Take what they have grown up with as far as Faith...and continue on that Path as if by Rote.I have attended too many Services of Different Faiths...And seen People with no Feeling..Just going through the Motions..Getting through it so they can get back to their Football Games,Sewing Project. Etc.They don't really get anything out of it...And they wonder Why?I Get alot out of My Faith...Because I put alot in.I Do Not ( opposed to popular belief) Believe in a "Devil or Satan" I believe there is Good/Evil in the Hearts of all. and That in Fact is Part of Our Battle...To Seek out the Good in Ourselves..And in Others...Instead of tearing People Down...Build them Up.Spread Positive Energy...Hopefully it will Pass on down..Anyway..Enough of the Rant.Explore...Learn..Grow! Blessed Be!