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These Bags may not be Customized
But they are Wicked Nonetheless
If you are looking for a Specific Style
Let Us know we will put You on Our Wish List...
You never know what we might find! 



Ethnic Embroidered Pouch
This is Simply Gaw-Geous! It has a Panel of Blue Silk Embroidered with a Oriental Pattern. The Outer Cicle Appears to Have Moths/Bats then the Next Circle Has Dragons /Phoenixes.It has What looks to me like south american Fabric on the rest of the Bag. It has a Looong Stap made from Cording.(It looks like those oriental finger Traps when we were kids) It has 2 zippered Pockets & 1 Slash Pocket. It measures 7 1/2 Inches Tall x 6 Inches Wide.


Gen-U-Ine  Brown Snakeskin Bag
This is Gaw-Geous!Brown Snakeskin Semi-Circle Clutch.It has a Long Thin Shoulder Strap that detatches  with THE Nicest clasps I have ever seen..Very well made.Magnetic Snap Closure.Inside there are 5 Seperate pockets, 2 zippered, 1 Slash, 2 open.


Black Embossed Box Bag
Made by Belle Rose It has an embossed Crest on the front of the Bag.The sides are Textured.There are 4 metal feet on the bottom to prevent scuffing.It has a handle and a long shoulder strap.the inside has 2 large Compartments,2 small compartments and 2 zippered compartments. Lined in a great patterned fabric.Measures 8 x8 Inches.


M & M Green Go Girl Go Bag
This Bag is Great! I was going to
put it in over in the LiL Punkz Side
....But..Ah...Ya Know..GREEN!
Measures 8 In Wide x 3 In Deep
Green/ Pink Vinyl! 2 Cute!
(If you like this bag Look over in the
LiL Punkz Bag Page!)


Multi Colored Feather Print Clear Vinyl Back Pack Purse
This Bag is Great! It looks like a Bunch of Muppets Blew up on or Around it!The Feather print on the Vinyl is Electric Pink~Bright Yellow~Black~and Toxic Green(My FAV!) The Bacl Arear Measures 7 1/2 Inches wide x 8 inches tall.The front pocket is 5 x 7 inches.


It is a Flower Shaped Back Pack~Purse.It has a Base Design of Shag-a-Delic Twisted Checkerboard, with 60's Style Flowers all over it!(It would REALLY Glow under Black Lights!)It has 2 compartments.1 Large compartment behind the Flower, measures 7 Inches (it's Round).Then it has a smaller round compartment on the Front, measures 4 1/4 Inches.Both have Zippered Closure.


Black Patent Tote with SunFlower
Darkly Retro!Measures 9 x9 Inches. Fabric Lined. Has 3 Inner Pouches.. 1 with Zipper.Made by F & E



Cutie Straw Bag
This Adorable little Straw bag has a Pearl handle and a Silk Flower on top.Measures 6 Inches Wide x 8 Inches tall (to the top of the handle)
2 Sweet Kittens!


Metal Fabric Bag
So Goth, But yet so Disco! Tiny Little bag made of Metal Fabric.It has a Small inner Pouch Pocket for ID and a Tiny Make-up mirror for quick touch ups.Measures 4 x 4 Inches.It has a long Black Chain Strap.


Fab Vintage Faux Snakeskin Bag
Measures 12 Inches Wide x 6 Inches Tall .Fabric Lined, It has 2 Inner Pockets.1 w/ Zipper 1 Small Pouch.Made by Berne of California
Simply Stunning!


Lizard Print Bag
Tan/Brown Lizard/Alligator Print. This is such a Class Bag! Vintage Circa 80s.It has the most FAB Clasp! It has a Handle and a long Strap.Inside Zippered Pocket.(I have a Belt that matches should be up on the Belt page soon!)Measures 7 x 7 Inches.


Le Sack Style Hobo Bag
Made by Sassy.Lined in Black Fabric,Inner Zippered Pocket.Snap closure.
Measures 14 In Wide x 15 1/2 Tall (excluding Strap)




2 Dye 4~Candie's Flying Heart Tattoo Bag!
WoW,This has got the Kewlest Detailing!
There is a Metal Winged Heart with a Crown
on the Front Flap,and a Dagger in a Heart on
the Side Zipper Pull!It has a  Rear Deep Zipper
Pocket, 1 Deep Pocket under the Flap and a
Large Zippered pocket too. 2 Inner Compartments
and a Large inner Zippered Pocket.One Nice bag!
 Measures 9 1/2 In Wide x 10 In Tall


This is a Hell-a Cute Pink Vinyl Purse
It has a Whacked out Cat on the front and it says
" Out of Control" Underneath. This Bag is made by Just Beastly
It measures 7x7 Inches. It has a Shoulder Strap and aHand Strap.
Cute, Cute, Cute!




This is One Cute Bag!
 It is Burn-out Black Velvet. It is Mini Tote Style.It measures 8 inches wide x 6 inches long.It has a snap Closure,and a zippered inner pocket.The handles are made of stuffed Satin Cording.Very Gothic,Any Groovy Ghoulie would be proud to Stalk the Night with this in Hand!(This Item is not one of our One of a Kind bags...But cute nonetheless!)


A Unique little Bag
It looks like a Little Leather Motorcycle Jacket,but it is a Hip Bag! It has every little detail! From a working front zipper to 2 Faux front zippered pockets,even a belt & Epitaphs (Spelling?)It is all Man Made Materials (Vegan Friendly!)It has a inner compartment that closes with a drawstring & Toggle,It also has a Rear Zipper Pocket.It measures 8 1/2 inches long x 6 inches tall(not including the little fake arms,which are part of the belt).It has an adjustable strap (that reads Creative Nail Design~Could be easily covered with a Laundry Pen!) and a kool plastic Clip Closure on the Belt!


This is a really neat bag!
It measures 10 inches by 8 inches. It is a Shiney Pink Iridecent Material with 9 Mirrors on the front.It has a Nice Embrodered Ribbon Detail across the top.It has a Magnetic Snap Closure and a small inner pocket.Made by Binny of India.Very Cute!


An Awsome Bad Badtz Maru Vinyl Tote Bag
 It has a Big Badtz on the front and it says "No Peeking!" and on the back is a cute little baby seal covering his eyes.(If you want a PIC of the back just email me!) It has a Black Handle.It measures 8 1/2 inches tall x 9 inches wide.Very Cute! Anyone who loves Badtz will love this Bag!