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Fudge Styling

Fudge Styling

Wax heads unite, now you can have a varnished hairstyle that gives meaning to sleek. VARNISH is the slickest hair wax around.  It's ultra soft and spreads like a dream, taking control without weighing you down. It leaves hair mega shiny, smooth and polished.  Totally slick.  Plus it has UV filters in it, is made with organic waxes and it smells of mango.
This suits all sorts! It's a simple styling tool that gives you shine, texture, control and helps seal split ends in the process, leaving you with mega healthy hair.  Bargain.  All hair dries out sometimes and loses that edge. LICORICE is a light shine creme with natural oils that help seal and control split ends.  A tiny amount will sort you out, leaving you with the change.


When you need molding power, you need a styling clay that will send your hair any direction you want it and keep it there.  PUTTY gives volume and body and lots of support.  It conditions hair, glides on and suits any length, any style.  It works by locking in moisture, so you look smooth but steady!



Get your hair in shape with a bit of Fudge.  Today's styles are all about living, not standing in front of a mirror.  So get the look you want and keep it with SHAPER. It's a versatile little thing you can scrunch, mold, slick or build, whatever, all the time improving your hair's body and bounce. What's best is that you only need a tiny bit and it washes off instantly so you won't get a styling disposal site on your head.


Need an energy hit for your hair? Get your hair into gear, Fudge style.  Pump up's your friendly miracle worker, which turns from a mild-mannered gel into a kung-fu fighting foam in the palm of your hand.  PUMP UP is designed for all hair that needs volume and body so you can do what you want with your hair.
Cold turkey for curly hair.  If your hair is a wild party animal that needs a little taming, there's only one way to get it going straight - EREKT.  This stuff's so powerful it'll straighten and hold the curliest of hair. It's a peachy keen gel packed with power bubbles to combat the curls and create shiny hair that's as soft and tame as a kitten!

SKREWD Extra grunt for curly hair.  Fudge Skrewd is a head responsive product designed to deliver volume, bounce & definition to permed or naturally curly hair.


HEAD POLISH Looking for a reliable style?  Fudge Head Polish keeps hair smooth and polished in any climate.  All hair types receive a soft, silky glaze that doesn't build-up on the hair. 
Cement Spray


Unleaded Styling

Repairs the hair by sealing the cuticle, preventing moisture loss. 
 Prevents flyaway hair while promoting a healthy shine.

 Gives strong hold through a gutsy extra hard look enabling you to create stiff definition & control of dramatic effects.