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Awesome Tiki Wall Fork
This would be Soooo Great in your Tiki Bar! It Measures 21 1/2 Inches Tall x 4 1/2 Inches Wide at the Tines.Painted a Wonderfully Kitchie Gold!Spooky Tiki Carvings! Simply Fab!



Large Gothic Gold Key Wall Hanging
Measures 18 1/2 Inches long x 7 1/2 Tall
Made by Syroco Vintage 70's
Very Ornate
The Key to the Kingdom.


Gilt Cherub Bud Sconce
Measures 8 In Tall x 6 In Wide
Brightly Gilt,Has a single hole on back
to hang,and a small hole in the top, For
a Few small flowers , or maybe Inscense Sticks!


One Really Kool Basket!It Appears to be made from sections of cut Preserved Pumpkin!And the woven Bottom of the Basket is done in a Spider Web Design!This Thing Is Awesome!It measures 9 3/4 across the bottom, And 16 across the Top.This would be Great on a Table,Or maybe even better hanging on a Wall!




Painted Tile Wall Hanging
Ok I am going out on a Limb here...I am going to Say Prussian.3 Men In the Snow Hunting on Horseback.2 of the men have Golden Birds.Signed Z. Measures 6 1/4 Inches Tall x 3 1/4 Wide.Handpainted.


Small Gothic Gold Wall Hanging Key
Measures 12 Inches x 6 Inches
Made by Syroco Vintage 70's
Very Ornate
The Key to Milady's Chambers Mayhaps?



Exotic Brass Platter Wall Hanging
This Platter is Covered with a Floral Scroll Pattern,Very Detailed,It has 2 Peacocks worked into the Design. This would look great on a wall or on an Alter.Measures 9 3/4 Inches across.


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