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A little bit about our Products, Most of the things you will see on this Web Site are Airbrushed ( with One time use Stencils ) or they Are Handpainted.All of these items are One of a Kind...You won't see another like it around.We cater to people who simply don't want to be Cookie Cutter Mall Rats.We want something Unique, Just for us.
You will see items up on the site that are not painted
( ie:Vintage Clothing,Jewelry,Home Decor, and even a few Purses & Shoes that I have not gotten my hands on!)
Most of our Items are Gently Used.(Otherwise our Prices would be SKY HIGH!) But from time to time I will run across new Items...If they are new, it will be stated.We are fortunate enough to live in the Bay Area, Ca where you can find almost anything!(And we do!)
 If there is a Special Something that you are looking for,Feel Free to Email us with Requests.We have a Wish List..So if there is a specific style/size you want or item let us know and we will keep our Eyes peeled for it!
( And for those of you who are impatient, We also do Custom Work!)
Along with all of this,Myself ( The "Artist") Own a Hair Salon (I'm not too busy..Ha!) So I have decided to include Hair Care products at a 25% Web Discount.(If you don't see what you want there..let us know we can get it!)
Aaaaaand ....if that wasn't enough,I also make Custom Vampire Fangs & Talons/Claws!
Think of us as a One stop Cyber ShopforGhouls~Ghoulies,Kats~Kittens,Punks and Freaks alike!( Come one come all HeH!)
Well, I Hope you find something you like here, and if we don't have it here, that we can help you find it!We also do Auctions @ eBay so be sure to check them out too! You never know what Treasure you might find here