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Tank Girl~HairSpray~Rock'n'Roll High School~Suburbia(the OLD one w/ Flea)~~Breakfast at Tiffany's~Bell Book & Candle~Earth Girls are Easy~Beetlejuice~Nightmare Before Christmas~Edward Scissorhands~Barbarella~SLC Punk~Dead Alive~Ed's Dead Mother~My Boyfreind's Back~Little Shop of Horrors~Dogma~Pricilla Queen of the Desert~Muriel's Wedding~Phantasm~Warlock~Heathers~Pump Up the Volume~Another State of Mind~Benny & Joon~The Rocky Horror Picture Show~Breaking Glass~Kalifornia~Natural Born Killers~Willie Wonka~The Point~and any of The Dr.Phibes,Escape from New York,Evil Dead,Hellraiser,and Chucky Flicks!
And any good old B-Horror Flick!
And Anything Tim Burton Does!

Oingo Biongo~The Ramones~Social Distortion~DRI~Adam Ant~Sisters of Mercy~Souixsie~Metallica~B-52s~Devo~Orgy~Nina Hagan~Hazel O'Conner(But ONLY for Breaking Glass)~NIN~Joan Jett~(Old) Suicidal Tendencies~Bigod20~Bahuas~ABBA(Yes ABBA)~MeatLoaf~and Waaaaay more!
(Live for the Music!Viva La Rock!)



My Da~My Hubby~ Derek & Donovan (My Step-Monsters)~Einstein~Audry Hepburn~Toyah Willcox~Steve Buchimi (Spelling?)~Joey Ramone(Sob!)~Courtney Love~Divine~Tim Burton~Charles Addams~Tank Girl~Adam Ant~and too many more too list!

I collect Scarey Figurines,Fairies,Cauldrons,Little Boxes(which I allways loose stuff in I have soo many!)Books,Purses,Clothes,Leather Jackets,Black Cats & Tank Girl Stuff,Jewelry,Skulls,Flames,Bats,Books, Candles,Cammo Stuff,Basically anything Strange & Unusual!