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Celebrating the Crone
By Ruth Gardner
Design your one of a kind Croning Ritual
You are , at last, powerful Crone, and it is time to celebrate the experience and wisdom that the years have blessed you with.
Aguide for creating a unique, deeply meaningful ritual to recognize your transition to Cronehood.Learn the thoughts of other women on Croning_and how they have celebrated it_with insightful quotes and accounts of thier personal ceremonies.Choose from an inspiring variety of Croning resources, including songs, poetry, and Guided meditations. Finally, celebrate the Crone and honor who you are, how far you have come, and where you are going next.211 Pages


There are No Accidents
By Robert H. Hopcke
A delisious slice of all tose juicy,unexplanable events that shape our lives.Not only is each story riviting in its wonderous complexity of Synchronous events,but thoughtfully studies the principles behind seemingly chance occurences.


The Truth About WitchCraft Today
By Scott Cunningham
The practice of Wiccan Magic is not Evil,it is not supernatural,It is the creation of Positive Personal and Global Change through the Natural energies found in each of Us and in the Earth.It is a Religion based on Harmony with Natural Forces and all aspects of the Divinity.


The Four Fold Way
Walking the Paths of the Warrior
Teacher,Healer,and Visionary



Earth Time Moon ~Time Rediscovering the Sacred Lunar Year
By Annette Hinshaw
The Names of the Moons, simple but evocative, reflect the passage of a year, the life of a human being, and our connection to the earth's natural Cycles.Through Lore, Myth, & Journal explorations,this book will help you rediscover the scaredness of the everyday experiences of the rhythm of the natural world. I have this one in My Ever Growing Library.301 Pages


The Womans Book of Creativity
It supports women in discovering a life that ia more joyful,spiritual,and perhaps most obvious abundantly creative.Helps nurture the whole "spiral " Creative process.


How to Use Essential oils to Restore Vitality
An Aromatherapist explains all aspects of Aromatherapy, and shows how it can be used to good effect as a self-help therapy at home.


The Book of Ayurveda
Unlock the Secrets of health & Longevity
Using the Ancient Indian Healing System
of Ayurveda.



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