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The Decorative Art of the Forties and Fifties
He Brings Gas Masks and Bric a Brac the spectrum of critical panoply that anither scholar might deploy in considering a Bernini bust .Chock full of Great Iconology.From Fashion to Furniture.Printed in 1975. AB-FAB Katz & Kittens!



Disco Nixon
By Marulyn Werden/David Arenson
Over 1,00 Mind-Blowing Questions About the Decade That Left Us All Dazed & Confused!So, Are you ready for Disco Nixon? Relive the glory days of Watergate, thrill once again to the Village people and the partridge Family, and laugh at the zany antics of Sandy Duncan and Idi Amin. Significant ecents in TV, Sports, Music,Politics,People, Movies,Books,Qoutes,trends,and the Women's movement are covered.239 Pages


The Blonde
Barnaby Conrad III
It celebrates the myth and magic of the golden ideal,on the movie screen , in politics,art, literature, and in the house next store.Cronicles from Jean Harlow to Lady Godiva! Super Kewl Photos and Pictures! A Must have Book!


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