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PC Games & Such


The 11th Hour The sequel to the 7th Guest...In the 70 desolate years since the horrifying murders chronicled in the 7th Guest, the town of Harley has been ominously silent.Only when journalist Robin Morales vanishes while investigating the rotting, abandoned mansion of legendary toy maker Henry Stauf,do events resurrect the malignant past. This is an Awsome Gothic Game! 2 compatible.


Dare you Disturb the Eternal rest of The Entombed In the tradition of Myst...comes a complete ray-traced mystery of peril and intrigue. It will pit you against an ancient civilization's technology,thier insidious-and potentially lethal-Traps,and a deep underlying mystery of monumental consequence.Armed withonly a diary of a previous collegue,you must solve the mystery of your failed predecessors and unravel the riddle!


King's Quest V The greatest Adventure in the History of Daventry is about to begin...Embark with King Graham on the most thrilling and perilous adventure of his career-the quest for the missing Royal Family of daventry.Experience the magical world of King's Quest, and descover why more people have played King's Quest V than any other computer game series in history! Window compatable.


Torin's Passage This is a Funny Game! It has five chapters plus a prologue.Each Chapter takes place on one of Strata's five nestled worlds.The first time you play,you'll see the Prologue's opening movie that gives you important background info about the story.It ends where game play begins-In the Lands Above!


Dungeon Hack Get ready for limitless danger-filled dungeon adventures! As an AD&D game hero armed with weapons and magic,explore your nightmares.Hack and slash at these vile creatures,avoid treacherous traps and solve mind-bending puzzles.The randomized dungeon generator can create over a million different dungeons-that's a new monster hunt every time you play!


Heretic Shadow of the Serpent Riders While the other Sidhe hid, their spirits broken,you thirsted for Vengence and rode East into the wilderness, in search of D'Sparil. Now you stand before the City of the Damned,its air thick with stench and Rot. Your hate drives you to see those creatures oozing thier hearts' ichor before you.Beyond these gates, the dead and the creatures of the night writhe in dark corners, their bodies aching for your blood. With luck, some of your people's ancient artifacts can be found hidden among the dark passages beyond, For, with only a staff as your weapon,the worldis surely damned!


Dragon's Lair (This is another one I spent most of my Allowance on in the Arcade!)You control the action of Dirk the Daring,a valiant knight, on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon.Fight your way through the castle of the darkwizard who has enchanted it with treacherous monsters and obstacles.Lead on brave adventurere....Your quest awaits!


Space Ace Classix 80's Arcade Game ( I must have put a small fortune in this game back in the Day!) The Evil commander Borf has kidnapped Ace's Girlfriend, the beautiful Kimberly,and is plotting to enslve the earth using his dreaded "Infanto Ray", a weapon that changes everyone it blasts into a helpless baby.Armed with only a laser gun, Ace must find and destroy The infanto Ray, rescue Kimberly and save the earth. All in a Days work for a superhero,right?Funny,Funny Game!


Extreme Pinball Extreme Pinball is the Ultimate in PC pinball. four ultrarealistic pinball tables complete with 3D SGI-rendered dotmation sequences,super-smooth scrolling,multi-level playfeilds,up to 5 balls at once, superb sound effects and amazing pinball action!


Word Connect will put your crossword skills to the Test!Play tiles onto the board to spell interlocking words-score points by using the bonus squares to double,triple,or even quadruple word and letter scores.Choose from 20 skill levels and 7 board layouts,or use the exclusive Board Builder to create an infinite number of your own layouts!Also features 3 dictionaries,an anagram and crossoword finder,hints for the best scoring plays,shuffling and tile exchange options,as well as Graphics and sounds!


TetriMania Features a unique collection of more than 40 versions of one of the most popular computer games ever created.From its origins in Russia,these games have entertained millions of people for years.You will find exciting block formations,breathtaking 3D graphics,and innovative new game variations!


Word Publisher Windows 3.1/95 Make professional Publications come to life!
3000 clip Art Images~OLE Feature ( Object Linking and Embedding)~ Professional Color & Text Effects~Ready Made Templates make Design a Cinch!


Fonts Over 2600 Fonts for Windows on one CD-ROM! This Unique collection of True Type fonts will add new life to your communications!Nice Thumbnail Views make it easy to pick which font!


Clip Art Over 25,000 Images. Perfect for Presentations,Brochures,Newsletters,Greeting Cards,T-Shirts, Correspondence, School Reports,Web Pages-Just about any project!


MultiMedia IQ Test for Mac & Windows. This is aFun MultiMedia IQ Test.Do you know your IQ? With this program you can find out!


MultiMedia Algebra  Learn High school Algebra The Fun,Fast and Easy Way!Algebratic Categories Include : Algebratic Concepts~ Order of Oerations~Simplyfing Fractions~ Integers~ Polynominals~ Factoring~ Exponents of Roots~Quadratic Equations~Coordinate Graphing.Detail Steps for problem solving : Animated examples show problemsolving step by step~Examples incorporate rules learned in previous sections~Learn at a comfortable pace.Explinations of Algebratic Rules,Practice Problems encourage learning!


Think & Talk Italian  A complete Easy-to-Use Language Course ,Builds all-around fluency,with an emphasis on speaking and listening skills.Quickly focus on learning~as you navigate through the program with a simple click.Instantly access more than 10,00 words~ and their English translations with the online dictionary.Watch your accent improve~ as speech recogintion understands and evaluates your pronunciation. Get your Pronunciation just right~by recording your voice and playing it back.Stregthen your command of the language~By reading words as they're spoken.Prepare yourself for a variety of conversations~with 50 lessons and 150 real-life situations.



Chronicles of the Sword Risk all to defend Kin and country.As Sir Gwain, a heroic knight of the Round Table ,you must be quick to uncover the plot of the wicked soceress Morgana.Defeat her before she drives Camelot from peace and proserity into ruin!Over 100 breathtaking locations to explore.Amazing animated 3D rendered characters.Unsurpassed replication of the King Athur Era.Challenging interactive puzzles and combat sequences.Movie-Style cinematic techniques and immersive sound effects! 2 discs. 1 player


Golden Nugget Features: 16 classic casino games,including Pai Gow Poker, 7 Card Stud,Blackjack,Texas Hold-em, Mini baccarat,Craps,Puolette, Big Six,Keno,Slot Machines and Video Poker! Realistic Style Las Vegas-Style gaming down to the odds,pay-offs, and rules.Polished 3D graphics bring you inside this legendary casino-complete with dards and chips.More than 30 minutes of live action video starring Adam West filmed on location at the Golden Nugget! 2 Disc game.1 Player


Surf Riders Mother Nature is here to spank you silly! Battle the world'd wildest waves, astride one of 15 licenced boards.Shredding to the surf anthems of Pollo Del Mar, the Aquamen & Los Staightjackets! Try to tame the legendary tides of Hawaii, France, Australia, Japan and california.Execute huge aerials,cutbacks, off the lips, or take a beating from Mother Nature Herself! 1 Player


HardBall 5 There is no book with this Game, just the game and the Jewel Case. You can download the instructions from ( Search Playstation HardBall 5) If you like BaseBall you will like this game!

Game Gear



Movie CD
These are Really Cool if you don't have a DVD Player!They come with thier own Driver included!


The Mask Jim Carrey stars as mild-mannered bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss, who discovers a mysterious ancient mask that brings his inner most desires to wild,screaming life!Now ,togeher with his sidekick Milo,the wise-cracking green tornado is taking Edge City over the top in this romantic-action-comedy that will leave you S-s-s-s-smokin'!


The Lawnmower Man Pierce Brosnon plays Dr.Lawrence Angelo, a brilliant scientist obsessed with perfecting a revolutionary Vitual reality computer software.When his experiments on animals fail, he finds the ideal substitute: Jobe Smith, a slow-witted gardener-"The Lawnmower Man". Dr. Angelo's goal is to benifit his human guinea pig and ultimately mankind itself. But evil the guise of "The Shop", a shadowy group that seeks to use the technology to create an invincible war machine.When the experiments change the simple Lawnmower Man into a super-human being,the stage is set for a Dr.Jekyll-and Mr.Hyde struggle for the control of Jobe's mind-and the future of the world!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Now you can catch America's favorite green teens in their first live-action blockbuster film! After wading in a puddle of radioactive waste, these radical reptiles are transformed into New  York City's greatest crime-fighting quartet.Featuring hot new music by M.C.Hammer, this film will captivate adults and kids alike with its blend of humor,camaraderie and martial arts action.Don't miss this blockbuster movie.You'll have one shell of a good time!



Dementia 13 Francis Ford Coppola's First Film!1963. Combine greed with an ax murderer and you get a first rate macarbe thriller.The location is a lonely castle in Ireland.A fortune is the goal as a greedy wife tries to keep  the news of her husbands death a secret until his crazy mother dies and he can inherit.An ax murderer attacks the members of this noble family creating a grisly horror!


The New Barbarians 2019 AD With the world destroyed by a nuclear holocaust,the barren plains are now ruled by a gang of bloodthirsty scavengers called " The Templers" who believe that living is a crime punishable by death.Riding their modified hotrods and choppers, The Templers seek out the sole surviving humans-andslaughter them with out mercy.It's like shooting fish in a barrel...until they run into two very bad dudes named Scorpion and Nadir.Nadir's Black, Scorpion's White,and together they make "Mad Max" look like a schoolboy as they wage full-on war with the Templers.Banding together with a group of outcasts,Scorpion and nadir decide to wipe out the Templers once and for all-before the Templers can wipe out mankind itself!


Highway 61 Pokey Jones is a naive,small town barber with big-city dreams going nowhere fast.But things change the morning he goes to feed his dog and finds a frozen human body in a old bathtub.Jackie Bangs,a screwbal "fugitive from a heavy-metal road crew",falsely identifies the body as her brother and begs Pokey to drive her and the coffin to New Orleans for a proper burial.She's got a plan that Pokey doesn't know about,and He's in Way over his head.This is the story of how Pokey,Jackie,and one lucky stiff take off for the ride of their lives.Highway 61 is the backdrop for this rollicking rock'n'road movie.Setting out to discover America,Pokey and Jackie find an assortment of bizarros including a psychotic stage dad, chicken hunting rock'n'rollers,and a bingo-playing maniac who may or may not be the devil.With runaway excitement,laughs,wild twists and turns and a soundtrack that will set yourears spinning,one trip you can't afford to miss!


HighBall An all-star cast shines in this hysterical comedy where tention is the prime mixer,served with a splash of laughs and a twist of mayhem!Diane & Travis throw great parties.This year they are throwing 3: A birthday bash for Felix; A Halloween masquerade; Ans a New Year's Celebration.Whether it's the faulty pyrotechnics of a "recovering" magician...Travis' struggle to turn Diane's kitchen into a micro-brewery...the imagined death of Philip's Ethiopian son...Fletcher's attempt at seduction..something is always out of place and someone is definately going to get hurt!(Justine Bateman,Peter Bogdanovich,Rae Dawn Chong,Chris Eigeman,Annabella Sciorra, Ally Sheedy, Eric Stoltz)


Forrest Gump "Life is like a box of chocolates...You never know what you're gonna get." Through three turbulent decades, Forrest rides a tide of events that whisk him from physical disability to football stardom,from Vietnam hero to shrimp tycoon,from White House honors to the arms of his true love.Forrest is the embodiment of an era,an innocent at large in an America that is losing its innocence.His heart knows what his limited IQ cannot.His moral compass never wavers. His triumphs become an inspiration to us all. It's the story of a Lifetime.




Pollen~Peach Tree
1~Almond Coated 2~Tiny Shoes 3~ Chalkboard Dust 4~ Fine,Then
5~Denoted 6~Hyperventilate 7~A Clear Complextion 8~Sugerless
9~All but One 10~Colorful 11~Soda Pop Cold 12~Snowy


Ass Ponys~The Known Universe
1~Shoe Money 2~Under Cedars and Stars 3~God Tells me To 4~Blow Oskar 5~Cancer Show 6~ Dead Fly The Birds 7~ Ans She Drowned 8~ Redway 9~ French Muscleman 10~ It's Summer Here 11~John Boat 12~Haggard 13~Some Kind Of Fun. 


Charlie Sexton Sextet~Under The Wishing Tree
1~Neighborhood 2~Wishing Tree 3~Ugly All Day 4~Everyone Will Crawl 5~Billy 6~Dark 7~Sunday Clothes 8~Plain Bad Luck and Innocent Mistakes 9~Home Sweet Home 10~Railroad 11~Spanish Words 12~Broken Dream


Sprung Monkey~Swirl
1~Swirl 2~Things are Changing 3~Believe 4~ Reluctant man 5~ Segunda 6~Elevator Boy 7~Lines 8~Saturated 9~Right My Wrong 10~Man 11~Push


Steve Masters~The Modern Mix
House Nrg :  1~Satin & Scarlet*Boom 2~Jammal Ski*African Border 3~Frankie Knuckles*Whistle  Song 4~Sine*Round & Round 5~ Bjork*Big Time 6~Spiritual Experiance*Stretch My Hand 7~Orbital*Farenheit 3D3 8~Baby Ford* Move On
Retro Euro : 9~Boy George*The Crying Game 10~KWS*Please Don't Go 11~Army of Lovers*Crucified 12~Paul Parker* Wicked Game 13~Fancy*Flames of Love 14~Cause & Effect 15~Shy Rose*I Cry For You 16~Dr.Alban*It's My Life


1~Tomorrow 2~Lost a Friend 3~Waltzing Along 4~She's a Star 5~Greenpeace 6~Go To The Bank 7~Play Dead 8~Avalanche 9~Homeboy 10~Watering Hole 11~Blue Pastures


Mansun ~Take It Easy Chicken
1~Take It Easy Chicken
3~Ski Jump Nose
4~Stripper Vicar


Priced To Sell~Identity(Compilation)
1~Stuck Mojo-not promised tomorrow 2~Only Living Witness-Deed's Pride 3~Release-Desecrate Skin 4~Strapping Young Lad-S.Y.L 5~Sentenced-New Age Messiah 6~Tiamat-Whatever That Hurts 7~My Own Victim-Push Back 8~Turmoil-Contain 9~Strapping Young Lad-Goat 10~Nevermore-What Tomorrow Knows 11~Iced Earth-Last December 12~ Stuck Mojo-Change My Ways 13~Samael-Rebellion 14~Hostility-Spine 15~EyeHateGod-Serving Time In The Middle 16~Grave-Souless 17~Unleashed-Hail The New Age 18~454 Big Block-Your Jesus 19~Demolition Hammer-Under The Table


Gin Blossoms~New Miserable Experience 1~Lost Horizons 2~Jealousy 3~Mrs.Rita 4~Until I Fall Away 5~Hold me Down 6~Cajun Song 7~Hands Are Tied 8~Found Out About You 9~Allison Road 10~29 11~Pieces Of The Night 12~Cheatin'


Counting Crows~August and Everything After
1~Round Here 2~Omaha 3~Mr.Jones 4~Perfect Blue Buildings 5~Anna Begins 6~Time and Time Again 7~Rain King 8~Sullivan Street 9~Ghost Train 10~Raining In Baltimore 11~A Murder of One


The Frames~Another Love Story 1~The Dancer 2~You Were Wrong 3~Right Road(Wrong Road) 4~Before You Go 5~The Waltz 6~Downhill From Here 7~Masquerade 8~Picture Of Love 9~Martha 10~Another Love Song 11~Telegraph Poles 12~Live Forever


Collective Soul~Hints,Allegations & Things Left Unsaid 1~Shine 2~Goodnight,Good Guy 3~Wasting Time 4~Sister Don't Cry 5~Love Lifted Me 6~In A Moment 7~Heaven's Already Here 8~Pretty Donna 9~Reach 10~Breathe 11~Scream 12~Burning Bridges 13~All


New Musical Express~Sampler
Mansun* 1~Wide open Space 2~Stripper Vicar
Mundy* 3~Life's A Cinch 4~Reunion (Live)
Reef* 5~Place your Hands 6~ Resignation
Skunk Anise* 7~Hedonism(Just Because It Feels Good) 8~So Sublime
3 Colors Red*9~Pure 10~Through Breeze



Myst : The Official Strategy Guide Welcome to the MYSTeriuos island! Are you feeling a bit MYSTified? Does everything seem all MYSTy now? Are you thinking you might have MYST something? Well, you come to the right place for help.The Ultimate,authoritative source of answers and information about Myst Island and the Ages of Myst.Inside you find~ A complete,fictionalized walkthrough of the game~ Detailed examinations of the puzzles and the reasoning behind them~Screen images of the most important locations~Overhead views od Myst Island and the Ages~"Quick and Dirty" solutions for players in a hurry + special bonuses
~Early sketches and concept materials used to create the Myst enviroment~Special renderings of objects from the world of Myst~

Audio Books


The Violin By Anne Rice AudioBook At Violin's center: a uniquely fascinating woman, Triana-who once dreamed of becoming a great musician-and the demonic fiddler Stephan,tormented ghost of a Russian aristocrat,who begins to prey upon her,using his magic violin first to enchant, then to dominate and draw her into a state of madness through the music she loves.4 Audio Tapes. Read by Maria Tucci


The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon By Stephen King AudioBook A classic story that engages our emotions at the most primal level,explores our deep dread of the unknown and the extent to which faith can conquer it.It is a fairy tale grimmer than Grimm, but aglow with a girl's indomitable spirit.Read by Anne Heche 6 Audio Tapes




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