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Faster Pussycat~ Wake me When It's Over
1 Where there's a Whip there's a Way 2 Little Dove 3 Poison Ivy 4 House of Pain 5 Gonna Walk  6 Pulling Weeds 7 Slip of the Tongue 8 Cryin' Shame 9 Tattoo 10 Ain't no way Around  11 Arizona Indian Doll 12 Please Dear


Ny Loose~Spit
From the Sound Track
The Crow~City of Angels
1.Radio Edit 2.Album Version


Collective Soul~Hints,Allegations & Things Left Unsaid
1~Shine 2~Goodnight,Good Guy 3~Wasting Time
4~Sister Don't Cry 5~Love Lifted Me 6~In A Moment
7~Heaven's Already Here 8~Pretty Donna 9~Reach
10~Breathe 11~Scream 12~Burning Bridges 13~All


The Frames~Another Love Story
1~The Dancer 2~You Were Wrong
 3~Right Road(Wrong Road)
 4~Before You Go 5~The Waltz
6~Downhill From Here
7~Masquerade 8~Picture Of Love
9~Martha 10~Another Love Song
11~Telegraph Poles
12~Live Forever


Pollen~Peach Tree
1~Almond Coated
 2~Tiny Shoes 3~ Chalkboard Dust
4~ Fine,Then5~Denoted 6~Hyperventilate
7~A Clear Complextion 8~Sugerless9~All but One
10~Colorful 11~Soda Pop Cold12~Snowy


Charlie Sexton Sextet~Under The Wishing Tree  
1~Neighborhood 2~Wishing Tree 3~Ugly All Day
4~Everyone Will Crawl 5~Billy 6~Dark 7~Sunday Clothes
 8~Plain Bad Luck and Innocent Mistakes 9~Home Sweet Home
10~Railroad 11~Spanish Words 12~Broken Dream


Steve Masters~The ModernMix House Nrg
   1~Satin & Scarlet*Boom 2~Jammal Ski*African Border 3~Frankie Knuckles*Whistle  Song 4~Sine*Round & Round 5~ Bjork*Big Time 6~Spiritual Experiance*Stretch My Hand 7~Orbital*Farenheit 3D3 8~Baby Ford* Move On
Retro Euro : 9~Boy George*The Crying Game 10~KWS*Please Don't Go 11~Army of Lovers*Crucified 12~Paul Parker* Wicked Game 13~Fancy*Flames of Love 14~Cause & Effect 15~Shy Rose*I Cry For You 16~Dr.Alban*It's My Life


Mansun ~Take It Easy Chicken
1~Take It Easy Chicken 2~Flourella
3~Ski Jump Nose 4~Stripper Vicar


Gin Blossoms~New Miserable Experience 
1~Lost Horizons 2~Jealousy 3~Mrs.Rita 4~Until I Fall Away
 5~Hold me Down 6~Cajun Song 7~Hands Are Tied
 8~Found Out About You 9~Allison Road
10~29 11~Pieces Of The Night 12~Cheatin'



No Alternitive~ Compalation
1 Matthew Sweet~Superdeformed 2 Buffalo Tom~ For all to See 3 Soul Asylum~ Sexual Healing 4 Urge Overkill~ Take a Walk 5 American Music Club~ All your jeans were too tight 6 Goo Goo Dolls~Bitch 7 Pavement~ Unseen Power of the picket fence 8 Smashing Pumpkins~Glynis  9 Bob Mould~ Can't Fight It 10~Sarah McLachlan~Hold On 11 Soundgarden~Show Me  12 Straightjacket Fits~Brittle 13 Barbra Manning~Joed Out 14 The Verlaines~Heavy 33 15 Uncle Tupelo~Effigy 16 Beastie Boys~It's the new Style 17 The Breeders~Iris 18 Patti Smith~Memorial Tribute


White Trash
1.Apple Pie 2.Judge-me-Do 3. Take my Soul 4. Po' White Trash 5. Backstage Pass 6. LiL'Nancy 7. Buzz! 8.The Crawl 9. Baby 10. S.D.A.S.E 11. Party Line 12. Good God  13. Prayer before Pizza


New Musical Express~Sampler
1~Wide open Space 2~Stripper Vicar
Mundy* 3~Life's A Cinch 4~Reunion (Live)
Reef* 5~Place your Hands 6~ Resignation
Skunk Anise* 7~Hedonism(Just Because It Feels Good)
8~So Sublime3 Colors Red*9~Pure 10~Through Breeze


Counting Crows~August and Everything After
1~Round Here 2~Omaha 3~Mr.Jones
4~Perfect Blue Buildings 5~Anna Begins
 6~Time and Time Again 7~Rain King 8~Sullivan Street
9~Ghost Train 10~Raining In Baltimore 11~A Murder of One


Ass Ponys~The Known Universe
1~Shoe Money 2~Under Cedars and Stars
3~God Tells me To 4~Blow Oskar 5~Cancer Show
6~ Dead Fly The Birds 7~ Ans She Drowned 8~ Redway
9~ French Muscleman 10~ It's Summer Here
11~John Boat 12~Haggard 13~Some Kind Of Fun.


Sprung Monkey~Swirl
1~Swirl 2~Things are Changing 3~Believe
4~ Reluctant man 5~ Segunda 6~Elevator Boy
7~Lines 8~Saturated 9~Right My Wrong 10~Man 11~Push


1~Tomorrow 2~Lost a Friend 3~Waltzing Along
4~She's a Star 5~Greenpeace 6~Go To The Bank
7~Play Dead 8~Avalanche 9~Homeboy
10~Watering Hole 11~Blue Pastures


Priced To Sell~Identity(Compilation)
1~Stuck Mojo-not promised tomorrow 
2~Only Living Witness-Deed's Pride
3~Release-Desecrate Skin 4~Strapping Young Lad-S.Y.L
5~Sentenced-New Age Messiah 6~Tiamat-Whatever That Hurts
7~My Own Victim-Push Back 8~Turmoil-Contain
9~Strapping Young Lad-Goat 10~Nevermore-What Tomorrow Knows
11~Iced Earth-Last December 12~ Stuck Mojo-Change My Ways
13~Samael-Rebellion 14~Hostility-Spine
15~EyeHateGod-Serving Time In The Middle 16~Grave-Souless
17~Unleashed-Hail The New Age
18~454 Big Block-Your Jesus
19~Demolition Hammer-Under The Table